Saturday, November 29, 2008

The many reasons why I should do this...

1.A basement full of gym equipment.

2. Many pairs of too tight trousers.

3. Self esteem that waxes and wanes, and is fed by and denied by food.

4. 7 months until my 35th birthday.

5. A great husband who loves me no matter what I look like.

6. A need to stop the ridiculous cycle of joining Weight Watchers and losing weight, but never reaching my goal or maintaining my weight loss.

I am have decided to to join Blog To Fit. I saw it on Tom's blog and decided that this might actually work for me. I can combine blogging, which I like, with this struggle. I had begun to think that my blog was becoming pretty meaningless. We will see.


Turf Dad said...

You should introduce yourself over there. Dave and Tara are from England, they very cool.

Tara said...

Hey there.
Listen to Turf Dad. Come over and leave and comment and let us know your plans/goals/hopes and we'll keep an eye out for you and give you as much support as we can.

I too have done the Weight Watchers (how many times did I get to my evening meal with 1 point left!) and Slimming World etc and paid out £5 odd for the 'motivational' talk which you can get over at our pad for free!

Really glad you've joined up and I wish you all the very best.