Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hey! This is my 450th post!

To celebrate I will share more mundane aspects of my personal life. Like:

-I have a three day weekend!

-There are muddy paw prints on one of the couches and I really should vacuum, but we loaned the vacuum cleaner to my mom.

-We are going to see the Dropkick Murphy's. This will make up for having to leave before they came on stage back in July.

-I need to clean out the lasagna garden and put the winter crocus and grape hyacinth bulbs in.

-I've decided to rent a booth at the church bazaar and sell fulled gift bags, as well as purses and felted cat toys. This will be a test to see if I can create enough stock to sell, and have enough patience to sit and deal with "customers."

-I recently was interviewed for our local paper, and they actually did a fine job. No misquotes and an okay picture. It was great library advocacy.

That's all. We are still in the midst of home repairs, and Lars has recently applied for a new job. Oh, and we got a 50" plasma TV, which makes for great watching! I am trying to nurse the watching of the Wire, since I hate for it to end.


CBK said...

Congrats on the TV! I watched the Pats stink up the field last night on one of those, and it looked amazing.

Patty O said...

I got a three-day weekend too, although I had to do a training on Monday!!! At least it was only half a day.