Saturday, October 04, 2008

She uses a machete to cut through red tape

Last night we went to see Cake at a local liberal arts college. It's one of those prestigious schools that costs over 50 grand a year to attend and 18 year-olds drive Volvos their daddies bought for them. Before the show we ate at Big G's, and then we went to our favorite indie music store. There we saw a man who seemed to be coughing a lot, and then we realized he probably was defecating himself in the corner, past the rap rack and the movies. I walked past Lars who was walking away from him and I thought it seemed a little foul. I felt so bad for him, and for humanity, on different levels. Being in public service is very 2 sided. You want to help people but you can't help but be jaded. Why do people seem to be void of basic social skills, like asking where the restroom is, or even being aware of their hygiene.

Cake was great. It was one of the better shows I have seen. Great horn, great sounds, and of course lots of memories of listening to "Fashion Nugget" over and over. Their opener was the Winterpills from Western MA. Mostly I was just happy to be with Lars. He's done a lot of work on the house this week. I think I've decided on the wall color for our living room: Tangerine.

Today was my kind of day. I spoke to my mom, got the groceries, picked up some knitting needles at the new yarn shop in town (Wooly Mama's), and came home and cooked and baked. I did a little work for my committee too, and I watched The Wire.

This church committee has worn me down considerably. There is lots of conflict right now between old members and the current minister, as well as lots of drama over some changes being made. I wasn't aware of the history of misconduct in the church when I interviewed for the position. I was being pragmatic about it all, but probably naive. I am beginning to feel that I will probably leave the church once my commitment to the committee is fulfilled. I think spirituality and some sort of faith is important, but right now I just want the time to be able to breathe.

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Malathionman said...

I don't know how many I've done. I'll have to go look. I bet you have more. You should post the interview.