Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Loving today

Two days ago I heard a little girl tell her grandmoher, as they left the library, "I love today." I liked her sentiment. The jaded side of me wanted to say, "Wait 20 years and see how you feel." Still, I like fresh optimism.

Today I bought myself a treat for my birthday. The local Salvation Army Thrift Shop is closing so I popped in. I spied these ice skates and decided that $4.99 was a good deal. The skates have barely been used. When the salesgirl rang me up she said, "That will be $1.04." Bargoon! Hooray. Now I need to wait 5 months to find some ice.

I've felt weird all week. I've been preparing myself for my birthday, which is always complicated by my life 4 years ago. I make it complicated, no one else. So I'm feeling pretty good this year. I feel grounded, I have plans to keep myself busy the next 2 days, and I will probably call my sister-in-law in England in Friday.


Malathionman said...

"I have plans to keep myself busy the next 2 days"

Is going to the bank on your list on things to do?

My last comment on the bank. I promise. :)

Hyperher said...

Um, I was thinking more on the lines of knitting, baking, reading, watching Control, and seeing family, but I could squeeze some "me time" too. That's cool.

White Hot Magik said...

I expect to see pictures of you in a sparkly outfit and dorothy hamill hair do before Christmas. (I was enthralled with her as a kid.)
I am working on a b-day present for you, but wonder if I got the color right. What is your favorite color to wear?

Hyperher said...

I had the same hairdo once upon a time! Then I had the Mary Lou Retton do. I'm proud that my hair fashion choices were based upon female athletes.

Ooh, I love tourquoise, cobalt blue or red. Thank you.