Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unsolicited meat

I'm back.

We survived the Fresh Air Fund experience, I survived my birthday, and I feel as if this has been one of the best summers I have had for a long time.

My birthday day started by oversleeping. After we dropped the FAK off at the bus, we went to pick up some dog food. There at the pet store they always have a couple of cats from a local cat rescue that are on display for adoption. The cat there had a little display card that read her name and a few pieces of information about her. I fell in love. We left the store with Mojo and Merlin's food and went to the shelter to fill out the paperwork. We brought her home a few hours later. She was called Dana but I have renamed her Siobhan. That's pronounced She-von. Boo Radley would have been a better name, since she is a bit shy, but once you approach her she is a real love. She rubs against you maniacally and purrs like a lawnmower. She's small and very feminine, but scrappy. She's adjusting to the other animals and new digs. I really love her. The girl to guy ratio is now 2 to 4. Girl power!

My girl Siobhan

Oliver and the alien kitty

The weirdest thing that happened on my birthday involved meat. We were looking at some baby birds in our hedge when we saw a junky looking small van with worn off lettering reading Atlantic Beef. The van pulled up and a guy popped out. He and his associate looked really rough. He said this: "We're in the neighborhood selling meat and we've got some nice meat for a wicked good deal if you are interested." Lars and I turned to one another and laughed and he told them we are vegetarians. Who buys unsolicited meat?


CBK said...

Maybe the meat guys knew it was your birthday. That's is very weird, and Siobhan is very cute. Great name, too.

White Hot Magik said...

Cute kitty. I know two bloggers with that name, never heard it before I blogged though. We occasionally have some unsolcited meat guys come by too. A bit creepy.