Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bank addendum

We saw The Mighty Mighty Bosstones last night. It reignited my interest in ska, as well as confirmed Dicky Barrett on my bank list. I've thought of a few more names. Lars' cousin would call guys like these her "rockstar boyfriends."

Ewan MacGregor
James MacEvoy


White Hot Magik said...

That is the problem with one of these lists, it just keeps growing. LOL.

I do dig the Bosstones, but not enough to add to my list.

My short list.
James Hetfield
Henry Rollins
Gerard Butler
Ewan MacGregor
Russell Crowe

Malathionman said...

OMG! Nora! Henry Rollins! What the hell is that?

You girls are like that guy on "Throw Mamma from the Train" with his coffee table book.

When ever I see that movie I talk like Anne Ramsey for a week.