Friday, March 21, 2008


I visited Target today to pick up some kitty food, and also to get an infusion of my most favorite store. I didn't need anything in particular but the cat food, but I love the place. After I checked out I went over to get a coffee. The National Weather Service issued a wind warning today in this area. This is a quote from their website: "WEST WINDS OF 25 TO 35 MPH WITH GUSTS OF 50 MPH CAN BE EXPECTED TO CONTINUE THROUGH 8 PM THIS EVENING." I guess they use all capitals for the dramatic effect. In any case the horrible wind is making it bitter cold out, and I have been chilled to the bone because of it. I meandered over to the coffee bar and saw that their register was literally torn apart. The barista asked me what I wanted and I asked for a coffee with room for cream, but wondered if I would be able to pay for it with my debit card. He said not to worry, poured my coffee and sent me on my way. It was a nice gesture of kindness, and good customer service. I love that store!

A good example of bad customer service is when someone calls the library to ask to renew their materials and they are told no, simply because they are overdue and number around 31 items. A staff member from the adult services department called me yesterday to let me know this. I looked on the record of the person, who is a young mother of 3 kids who lives out of town. The items were indeed overdue, but no one was waiting on them. So I called her and let her know that I renewed them, and apologized for the other staff member. The most important thing for our staff to think about is this: what if it was you? How would you want to be treated? I'm a Robin Hood type anyway. I waive fines for people and give them extra time, because I try to be compassionate, but I am also a pushover.

I got an e-mail on MySpace from a woman who is married to a former co-worker of Lars. She had sent a bulletin (which I did not read) and was following up with this e-mail, which basically said that she was selling Mary Kay and wanted me to come to her house for a "party." I thought this was rich, since I have tried being friendly with her before, e-mailing about us 2 couples getting together. She never responded. She's a stay at home mom and does babysitting to supplement, so I can't blame her for wanting extra income and using whatever marketing she can. It just bothers me that I can't seem to find friends here, and she ignored me before. I have the added bonus of not being a makeup wearer to add for my excuse, in case I see her in the supermarket.


Malathionman said...

Cold in the wind? I would have thought you had some sort of "super-sweater" that you had knitted from some sort of "super-fiber." :)

Hyperher said...

I haven't ventured into knitting sweaters yet. It may be that I am still harboring bad memories about the "holiday" sweaters my grandmother knit me in my teens. As if I wasn't awkward enough...

Leucantha` said...

Love the wind.... NOT.

I do however love Target and good customer service. You rock for doing that for your "customers."

Bummer about that lady. I know what you mean, though about making friends sometimes.