Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Art walk

I like the idea of creating things in homage to other things or people. This is a case in point: Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. It's gorgeous and almost impossible to tell from the real coral reef. Art imitates life they say. I'm starting to think of people when I work on my knitting projects, knitting them with those people in mind. It's become a good hobby for me.

I saw something disturbing while I was in Boston. My friend Liz and I were walking up Boylston to the pick the train up at Hynes Convention Center. We could feel people walking closely behind us, so we slowed for them to pass. It appeared to be a daughter and her parents. We guessed that they had just gotten out of church since the mom carried palms, and it was palm Sunday. The daughter was probably about 19. She was skinny, dressed in black and had her hair in pigtails. I guessed that she was a music student at Berkeley or an art student at the Museum School. She also wore funky shoes like these:

The girl was arguing with her parents. She said something like: "I'm not even supposed to fucking let anyone know about it. I could get into big fucking trouble if I take you there." She then started to walk very fast. Her mother picked up the pace while her dad lagged behind, and she said the girl's name and put her hand on the girl's arm. The girl then stopped, and started to kick her mom. Liz and I were stunned. The girl ran down Mass Ave. while the parents struggled to follow her. It was sad. Where couldn't she take them? Why was she acting that way? Who were we to feel sorry for? Were the parents horrible, or was the girl? I suppose I could never imagine doing that to my own mother. The only time we have not gotten along was a brief period in junior high, when I acted like an idiot.

I went to a food bank meeting last night as a rep from my church. It was pretty enlightening to see what they were doing. They feed about 900 families per month, which to amounts on average about 250 children a month. Last year they handled over 325,000 lbs of food. It is all volunteer run. I felt very inspired by the meeting, knowing that things can be done locally to help people. I'm going to do a 5k walk next month to help fund raise for the organization. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then. Today was yet another snowy day.

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