Saturday, March 22, 2008


I was dreading today.

I agreed to volunteer at an annual fundraiser for a center that provides services to children with special needs and their families, on behalf of my library. I was there to read to kids. I had a colorful rug, some bean bags, and a crap load of books. It is one of those chili and chowder competitions, with crafts and activities for kids, plus auctions. It's held in a facility with terrible acoustics. While it only ran from 11-2, I had to get there at 9 to set up. It exceeded my expectations, which were pretty low. I've done it for a few years, but this was the best yet. I did end up reading this book over and over, but I had a captive audience, which was nice.

Maybe I should have become a teacher. I have a Masters in Education, although it was in research. I've never actually taught in a classroom. I remember taking a test in the guidance counselor's office at my high school. You answered lots of questions and it spit out possible careers. I think teacher was actually one of them, but it also could have said waste management. I don't remember. I also wonder what it would be like in public health or horticultural therapy. My mother was a nurse, and so was Lars'. Motherhood, nursing and teaching used to be the top 3 professions, but now it seems endless, but also short term. I get restless, but always feel bound to duty. I read books about people who pull up stakes and wander, and while I find it fascinating I couldn't quite commit myself to do it.


Leucantha` said...

I am still digging the entrepreneurial bagel bookshop thing for you somehow. I also have wanderlust, and hope someday I get to indulge it again.

Hyperher said...

It's great to have dreams.

Patty O said...

Teaching is one of those professions where you get little credit for what you do, but when you do get that credit, it means the world. I chose not to pursue it after college, but only because I didn't feel ready, and with the job I have right now, it's incredibly rewarding to know that I'm helping someone.