Saturday, February 23, 2008

More perfect days

Whenever I have time off with my husband, I like spending it with him. Bear in mind that there are some weeks when he works 3 overnights and 12 hours on the other days. I fear I am becoming clingy but I love spending time with him. I think this is a good thing. This morning I awoke to a half empty bed (just me and a Great Dane), so I sleepily got up and padded over to the spare bedroom, expecting to find man and mutt. No dice. It was 5:42 a.m. I discovered said man and dog were downstairs, so by that time I was awake for the day. I put a pot of coffee on and started knitting, while waiting for L to finish what he was doing on his computer. We left the house by 7:30 and went off the a nearby city for breakfast. We went to Big G's, which is the best sandwich (and breakfast) place ever! We then went on to my favorite thrift store, the local fabric/yarn store, then on to Marden's (a fantastic discount store) and finally, Bull Moose Music. It was a great morning. We got home and I made some cornbread with jalapenos, and pumpkin bread with one of the cans of pumpkin I bought for my Mojo-no-eat-poop plan.

While in Marden's I saw some old classmates, who are now married. They did not see me. I was in Girl Scouts with her, and had a mad crush on him freshman year. I ducked behind some furniture and pointed him out to L. I then said aloud what I refused to admit to myself before: I had horrible self-esteem, judging from the guys I chose to have crushes on. 9 times out of 10 they were really interested in my best friend and not me. I was always Barney Fife to her Andy Griffith. At one point in the store the guy turned around and he looked as if he was about to give birth to triplets. L asked if I was attracted to his physique. Of course, we are talking about something that happened almost 20 years ago. We've all changed.

Some of my loot from today:

Yarn, fabric and a cool rug

Cool plastic watering cans I got for .59 each at Marden's

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Leucantha` said...

I am diggin those water watering cans. I am glad you and L got some time together. Too funny about the ex crush. I was the same way, I usually crushed on guys I knew very little about or they liked my friends. Then came along Ben and I guess the rest is history as they say. I didn't even bother watching the Oscars since I don't know that I saw anything nominated this year. I really need to get a netflix account.