Thursday, February 21, 2008

February ten

I am borrowing this idea from Montessori Mama, who was inspired by someone else blogging about it. I'm talking about my February 10, which is 10 things that inspire me during this last leg of winter:

1. That my favorite place to get plants is allowing me to order something that was accidentally listed on their website, but not in their print catalog. It is Pearly Everlasting, a lovely, old fashioned plant.

2. Spending time with L, watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, drinking coffee, snuggling and talking about things like green cemetaries, politics and the future.

3. Cooking interesting food that is happliy eaten.

4. Watching the dogs run around our fenced-in yard, happy as Larry (whomever he is).

5. Natural fibers, and making things with them.

6. Good writing, and taking the time to read it.

7. Having a church to go to each week that makes me think and makes me feel at home.

8. Goods friends so far away.

9. The Postal Service (both the government agency and the band), and the good stuff they deliver.

10. Knowing that spring is just a month away.


Montessori Mama said...

I love 7 and of course 8 because that is what you are to me.
Love to you
aka Montessori Mama

Patty O said...

That's pretty cool that you were able to get those flowers. Let's hope it warms up soon so you can put them outside. I, for one, have had it with all the snow.