Friday, December 14, 2007

Greasy black peel

I have all my Christmas shopping done (with the exception of stocking stuffers and the dogs)! Of course, I stupidly took advantage of the super saver shipping from a large, meglo book store and now some the the presents still have not arrived. I'll need to send some of them out of state and to England once they do arrive. They may become New Year's gifts at this point.

The big news here is the pending blizzard coming Sunday. I've heard everything from 10 inches to a foot and a half. I got my groceries tonight and stocked up on beer and other supplies so we'll be nice and cozy. I am working tomorrow, off on Sunday and then work another 6 in a row. Next week will be hell week for me. All of my staff are taking vacation days (everything from 8 hours up to 40), which means I will be alone most of the week, have to lead someone else's story time for toddlers, lead my own 3rd-7th grade book group, and manage any other thing that arises. One perk: my most annoying staffer will be off for the whole week. My boss questioned when I would have another day off when we were leaving work today. I shrugged it off. I am very thinly close to having enough vacation time to cover our winter break in January, so I am working 6 day work weeks to use the extra time as comp time in January. It's terrible but at least I have something to look forward to.


Malathionman said...

Maybe you should start wearing head gear and elbow pads. :)

Patty O said...

I heard a funny comment by a guy on a radio show the other day. He called into the show to say that he now hates Al Gore for getting him all excited about global warming. It's not even January!

Hyperher said...

I could bring a flask to work.