Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's such a perfect day, I'd like to spend it with you, part 2

The anticipated storm has come, or I should say is happening. L came home from work this morning, we went to church, then brunch at our favorite bagel shop. We came home, got our ski pants on and went sledding at the local elementary school. We used the tube my good friend had given me a few years ago that I somehow never managed to inflate.

After the walk back from the hill I put the kettle on and made us some nice, hot tea. I look out my kitchen window to see L blowing the snow in our driveway. There's nowhere to be and nothing to do now but watch the snow, the Pats play and enjoy the day.


CBK said...

Man, that looks fun! I don't know why I don't go sledding. I need to change that.

Hyperher said...

Definitely get a tube. Your ass will thank you. I'll never use hard plastic again.