Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going and coming back again

Being in Boston was both exhilarating and sobering. I saw an exhibit of William Steig's drawings at the BPL, walked along the Fenway (not the baseball park but the actually green space) as I used to on my way home from school, and then later when I was working in Longwood. I loved watching people, hearing the sounds of the voices, the cars, the constant flow of people, trains and vehicles. I walked through the Christian Science Center and forgot how peaceful it was there amongst the architecture and water. I acted like a girl this weekend, gossiping, laughing, talking, drinking cocktails, eating good food and celebrating my friend's birthday.

I loved the solitude of the city, the endless possibility of things to do while there, but for what my friend is paying in rent for a room in a small apartment in the Back Bay, my husband and I pay the same for our mortgage and we have the space to put our hands into the earth. Crazy.

I missed him so much while I was away! It was great to be away, but wonderful to be home again.

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CBK said...

Love the scarf. Glad you had a great time.