Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Our library bond referendum lost by 243 votes. No renovated and expanded library for us right now. Of course, when your mayor is actively campaigning against you and has the newspaper in his pocket, you can't help but feel bullied.


Leucantha` said...

Bummer. I know it was important to you. I am trying to use our library more. I would hate to not have one, and would love to have a better one.

Sorry I haven't been online in a while. Lame explanation on my blog. I'll email you about that other matter.

Hyperher said...

I am disappointed but it's not over. My boss confessed to me today that she was worried that all her librarians will leave, but I reassured her today no. As aggravated as I am, I'm no quitter.

Illness and the time change are real problems. They've been dogging me too. I can relate.