Friday, November 02, 2007

Go Reds!

I also meant to write something else in my previous post, but forgot. It was mostly my absolute feelings of love for my husband. I remember being embarassed by many things when we first met: being widowed by someone who took their own life, living at my parents' house with my adult brother, my impending financial ruin due to the aforementioned deceased husband. They were not good times. Despite these extremely large pieces of baggage I was carrying, he stuck with me.

I have been feeling lousy all week, but finally started to feel better yesterday. We went for a little ride, got to talk and enjoy each other's company. He also lavished me with some wonderful things. He bought me a Liverpool FC jersey, some cake pans, Alison Krauss and Robert Plant's new album, and something I requested for Christmas but got early: a 30 gig iPod! Our other iPod is currently full, in part with my large music collection, so this will let me clear some space on that one and spare him of some of my not-shared music tastes.

It wasn't the fact that L gave me lots of nice things. I'm not that materialistic. I just appreciated that he listened to me. He knows me.

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Patty O said...

A Liverpool jersey? Where do you find that? You know what we should be doing is getting Celtics jerseys considering they just owned the Wizards tonight in the season opener.