Monday, October 15, 2007

Throwing rocks

I told L in the car ride back from my sister's house what I believe is the truth:

You will never be idolized more, even by your own children, than by your nephews.

They literally hang on to us and our words, even as they grow older. It's great to be an aunt and uncle. Simple things like skipping rocks on the beach, or sitting and talking to them, or even playing video games really meant the world to them this past weekend.


CBK said...

Wow, are those your sister's boys?

My nephews and neices don't seem to care that much about me, but I either came late to their lives (my wife's side) or live thousands of miles away (my brother's kids).

Hyperher said...

They are. They are now 10 and 7. Are both your younger brothers married with kids?

Patty O said...

I have a nephew, haha. He's a year and a half younger than me. He isn't quite as friendly though.

CBK said...

I have two older and one younger. The oldest is gay, the next oldest is married with three kids, and my younger just celebrated his first anniversary, no kids yet; although who knows what happened on their anniversary trip to Spain. ;-)

Hyperher said...

CBK: Silly! I knew your older brother didn't have kids. I was just unsure if your younger brother had kids, but it sounds entirely possible.

Patty O: I think it's funny when that happens in families. It's not quite the same when they are too big to sit on your knee.