Tuesday, September 04, 2007

News from reality

I'm back from my vacation.

It's amazing how one day will sully a week of being carefree. We woke when we wanted, visited with family and friends, played badminton, drank coffee and beer, watched no news, read no papers, went to no libraries, and felt truly happy.

In my first hour of work this morning, a migraine came on. This happened while I was wading through my e-mail, and then one of my staff let me know that a former co-worker passed away late last week. She was diagnosed with ALS less than 9 months ago. She was my father's age.

I'll post some pictures soon of our Canada/New York/Vermont journey. It struck me how rural parts of these places still are. It was heartening to realize that not every inch of the US has been industrialized.

Next vacation: 4 months, 18 days.


Patty O said...

Hey, I'm Pat.

All I had was a three-day weekend a few days ago, and I was loving it. Not having to go to that damn office for three days was a blessing.

Herself said...

Hi Pat.

Thanks for your comment. I like your blog. I envy your optimism, and you are a good writer.