Wednesday, August 15, 2007


2 revelations today.

1. Justice sometimes prevails.

2. I need a makeover.

Today a young man had his scooter stolen at the library. It pissed me off since he was a child, and it was the fifth theft in the past six months. Luckily, I noticed that the theft of the scooter coincided with the visit of three kids I will call X, Y and Zed. I knew X and Y but Zed was someone I had never met before. The three wanted to use the computers but they were already in use. X asked me how long the kids had been on, and I let him know that it was none of his business, and 2 computers would be available at 12:30. It was 12:10 at that point. I told Zed that he would need to use the computers upstairs since he was 13. X, Y and Zed left, came back again and then left. 12:30 came and went and I let the young man know his computer time was up. He left, and when I went upstairs to the other department to drop something off a staff member let me know that someone had their scooter stolen and they were calling the police. I had a hunch who did it, since a piggy bank in our department disappeared one night after X and Y signed up for a computer and then never came back for it. Hm. Seemed like a pattern here. When the policewoman came I told her my hunch. I gave her X and Y's address. Both the boy and I filled out affidavits and the policewoman left. She came back later to tell me I was right. Score! Once again, my many hours of watching Monk have paid off.

I've been reading a couple of blogs and I loved what White Hot Magik wrote about moving back home and thinking of herself in terms of 16 years ago. I often felt like I would be 27 forever, but lately I've noticed things like intricate veins on my legs, huffing and puffing on my bike, still a strange insecure feeling around people I don't know, and a few hairs starting to lighten into gray. I'm 33. I need a haircut, a new look, some new clothes and need to not take work so seriously. My boss has been really taking a lot of my suggestions to heart. I told her a few days ago that regardless of whether or not the referendum to fund our library renovation/expansion passes, we still have to check the books out, talk to people and keep the library going. So in the spirit of not taking life too seriously, a change is gonna come.


CBK said...

Did you hold your hands out and lean over to look at the scene then tell the police, "Here's how they did it." ;-) Good work!

Leucantha` said...

I love Monk! That is great that the kids were caught.

I hear you about the makeover thing. I go for a couple of weeks making a big effort then I don't care for a few and then I take a good look in the mirror and go back to trying. It's silly really!