Wednesday, July 18, 2007


My husband, second only to Jimmy Carter or Fred Rogers, is the nicest man I know. He'd rather swerve and go off the road than hit a bird, animal or bug. He holds the door for people and is polite. He makes light of situations that others dwell upon (like me), and he tells me that he loves me regularly. He could be a saint for putting up with the most surly, sullen, rude, mean spirited and bi-polar kid that we have had for the past 2 weeks.

It's official! As of 8 a.m. tomorrow morning our relationship with the FAK and the organization that sponsored him to come and be miserable is over! In the past 2 weeks I have been lied to, been told I was fat and needed to lose weight (still waiting for an apology, will not hold my breath), amongst other things despite clear instructions and boundaries being drawn on day 1. We learned from our mistakes from last year and started this year's trip more structured. Kids will be kids, I know. Despite all the swimming, movie watching, mini-golf and bowling, and ice cream, and day trips and all the fresh air and green grass you could want, never really was there a thank you. I can forgive a child for reacting in certain ways in today's society, but manners should be something that should not be geographically different.
Today he told us rhat he was going to go back to NY and have fun and break stuff. Enough said.


CBK said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear it's been so unpleasant. Nothing like the idyllic out-of-the-city scenes in Crooklyn. Speaking of Crooklyn, VH1's World Series of Pop Culture had a multi-answer question about Spike Lee films, and I forgot about Crooklyn. When I realized it, I thought that you would be disappointed in me.

Herself said...

I remember watching that movie in the MUB, bawling my eyes out.