Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I turned 33 today. Thanks for remembering, CBK. To celebrate I am having a juicy steak for dinner, and tomorrow I am starting my quest to be a vegetarian.


CBK said...

For one year, at least. ;-)

Hope your steak and birthday were great!

Herself said...

Just to make you feel better, I have forgotton your birthday. I am guessing in the fall but I don't honestly remember.

CBK said...

Actually, the "one year" comment referred to the duration of your quest to be a vegetarian. I'm cynically predicting that you'll want another steak next birthday. ;-)

I think I'll always remember, if asked, what day your birthday is, but I won't necessarily remember as it's coming up. It just came to me on that day for some reason.

Yes, mine's in the fall. That's close enough. I turn 34 this year. Weird.