Friday, July 20, 2007

Let me stand next to your fire

This is a picture of my husband at work, with several other fire fighters. I can't honestly tell any of them apart, but I know all of them. It was in today's paper. I've had my picture in the paper too, by librarianship is just not as valiant as being in public safety.

The title of my post refers to the horrible song Tia Carrere sings in Wayne's World. I love Garth's character in that movie. I can relate to him on many levels: the jaw grinding, the introversion, the glasses, the saying in a small voice, "Excuse me, I'd like to get by now." I suppose the fictional character I most resemble at times is Daria. Do you remember her?

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CBK said...

Cool picture to have of your spouse working!

I loved Daria!