Monday, July 23, 2007

My calling

I started to learn how to do something this weekend that I never felt possible to do: snorkel. We've been swimming at a pool that belongs to a friend of L's, so it's clear and calm and I can focus on my breathing. I'm not a great swimmer. I took swimming lessons in about 1979 in what now seems like a piddly stream. I recall leaving one leg on the ground while I pretended to float, which the instructor may or may not have seen because of the color of the water and the amount of kids in the class. My swim stroke repertoire consists mainly of the doggy paddle, but with the mask and snorkel on I feel like s fish, pushing through the water. There's no concern for getting water in my nose, or swallowing water or the like. I'm not flailing and splashing, but simply moving. I started to laugh when I first got the hang of it, because L was under the water and looked like the baby from Nirvana's Never mind cover.

This weekend, I also:
-Got a digital camera.
-Went to a party at a high school friend's house, and met up with someone who proves that once an asshole, always an asshole.
-Met the baby of another friend who was a wee 5 days old.
-Got stung by a wasp while swimming.
-Finished reading Dishwasher by Pete Jordan.
-Screened my phone calls. The FAK called 6 times yesterday!

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