Thursday, March 01, 2007

The misanthrope

Tomorrow is my favorite Canadian's birthday (no, not Johnny Appleseed). It also coincides with another snowstorm, which will be nice since the snow outside our house has been tainted by the dogs. Happy birthday, L!

Our F.A.K. will be with us again for my birthday this year, but I still plan on having a bash. I will be 33. If my estimations are correct and I age like the rest of my father's family, I am 1/3 of a way into my life. That is cause to celebrate, so if anyone is in Maine in July please let me know. I'll give you the date of the do.

I've reached my threshold of work today. A volunteer's purse was stolen, and then someone let us know that they saw some of our DVDs for sale at a local game store. Apparently someone sold our stuff for cash, but obviously overlooked that the discs are labelled. I called the store and spoke to the assistant manager, who basically told me that I have to figure out who the person was who did it and file a complaint with the police in order to get the stuff back. He then fobbed me off on his manager, who is in for 5 hours tomorrow. One of my staff said she couldn't imagine why the store staff accepted the items, but I told her that someone making minimum wage has no incentive (except doing the right thing?) to do anything. I hear that now from people at work, when it comes to conflict or decision making, and starting pay at the library is at least $10 an hour. If you make $6.75 an hour, you probably are just as concerned about making a living as the person who hawks library materials.

People, the subject of my endless struggle.


CBK said...

That's pretty ballsy, or stupid, to sell DVDs you borrowed from the library.

Herself said...

Considering our name is written on the discs with a fine-point permanent marker, yes, it is incredibly stupid. I have an appointment on Monday to go and look at the DVDs so that I can identify some names for the police. Maybe I've watched too much Reno 911 but I'm looking forward to it. Don't Fuck With My Library is my mantra.