Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All things do come to an end

It's been nearly 5 years since I came home from England, and that means that certain things are ending. Some of my student loans are finally paid off, and my crappy car has 1 payment left. Recently I discovered that I could have my Perkins loan forgiven for my work. It used to be only for teachers and social workers working with low income families or under served communities. Recently they've extended this to public librarians. Full-time librarians working in a public branch or central library can qualify for up to a forty percent cancellation of their Perkins loans based on years of service. I've submitted all the paperwork so my fingers are crossed. 5 years ago I could barely see beyond my week, but now there are possibilities.

Librarians are champions for free speech, but today's moment of idiocy came when my boss got a call from a woman who (along with her peace group) has chosen to have a protest at an author event my library is co-sponsoring. The author is not political. He is writing about a social concern, infectious disease and health care in impoverished nations. It's difficult to connect the Iraq war to this particular book, except we expect a big crowd. March 17th is the 4 year anniversary of the war, so many groups across the nation will be marching and protesting. There are more powerful and appropriate places to do this besides our event, like at the state house or at the armory.

I, Robot is sitting by my bed, waiting to be read but I just can't seem to do it. It's a book for my book group, and they chose the titles for the year. I feel like it's college all over again when it comes to assigned reading. I do it last minute, begrudgingly. I did finally read Love is a Mix Tape. I loved it, especially memories of giving and receiving mix tapes, but also for how Sheffield lives through his loss. Renee Crist sounds like someone I would have wanted to be friends with.


CBK said...

I'm sure I still have at least one of the mix tapes you gave me. The one with the quote and picture of Bob Dylan stuffed in it.

BTW, on my iPod right now: Elliott Smith covering Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece".

Herself said...

I think I still have the mix you made me, with the hand drawn foot that is kicking a hand drawn bum. Those were good musical times.