Saturday, March 03, 2007

The devil

I saw a CITGO ad this morning. It consisted of several people outside in winter in various US locations, praising the CITGO oil program. It included a man from Indian Island, which is home to Maine Native Americans. This program provides low cost oil to those who cannot afford it. I could just hear the anti-Chavez people complaining, but it was 6:50 a.m. and I'm not sure who else would be watching. I recall that a year or so ago our governor made a deal with Chavez to supply low cost oil to Maine citizens when oil prices spiked. Then Chavez called Bush the devil at the UN and now no one wants to be his friend. Amusingly, many others who probably support Chavez's name calling of our president denounced him too. Isn't that called politics? Eventually Governor Baldacci responded to the oil situation:
September 21, 2006
Governor’s Office

AUGUSTA - Governor John Baldacci denounced Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for the attack he made yesterday at the United Nations against President George Bush. “Chavez’s words were unnecessary and offensive,” said the Governor.

“My goal is to create an independent energy future for Maine people through my aggressive support of renewable power and alternative energy sources. Last year, because of the outrageous oil industry profits, we called upon all oil companies to voluntarily come forward and provide affordable fuel for some of Maine’s most vulnerable.

“At the time, the federal government had held up the money for Low Income Home Energy Assistance which put many Mainers at risk. Based on current events, I am not pursuing a similar arrangement this year.

“We need to continue our efforts to raise money for the Charitable Fuel Fund and I call upon bipartisan leaders to join with me in this effort. Rather than bandying around the political rhetoric, I urge State Republican leadership to join in this effort with me in taking real actions to protect Maine people.”
I like my governor. He's moderate but he's trying.

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