Friday, March 09, 2007

9 to 5

The past few weeks have found me really disgruntled with work. I am starting my 5th year, so maybe it's the 5 year itch. This is the longest I have spent at a job since my undergrad degree. This past week I basically handled the jobs that others passed on to me, cleaning up the shitty situations as best as I could. My boss and I have joked "that's why they pay me the big bucks," but truly it's because I'm seen as the person to go to. I don't relish dealing with people who lie, or deny that they ever took items out that are now billed to them and preventing them to borrow items again until paid for. But I'm growing weary.

I was scheduled for a short day on Thursday, because I worked 11 hours on Wednesday, and was off today because I facilitated a program this evening and am working tomorrow. On Thursday morning I had a staff member call out sick, so I worked extra but still left midday. The same person called out today, so even though I was off I called to make sure we had enough coverage, and was assured that it was all covered. I popped in before my lunch date to grab the film for my program tonight and was told this by one of my staff:
We are really short staffed today. You may want to stay and work or pretend you weren't here and go.

I was slightly speechless. I just nodded and walked away. Even if I gave my blood to this job, it wouldn't be enough. Days off are sacred to me. I didn't feel as if I needed to justify her comment by telling her that I was assured that staffing was adequate. My heart pounded for about 20 minutes. I felt like Yosemite Sam. I am tired of not being respected, of dragging myself weekly to a job which is becoming little more than a weekly paycheck. I don't feel inspired, or impassioned. I feel distracted and resentful. But, until something better comes along I will stay.

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Leucantha` said...

I guess all jobs can be that way. I know this advice would be easier said than done, but don't give more of yourself than you can afford. I have had a tendency towards over investing in my job and consequently taking things to serious. Maybe it was the more relaxed environment at my last, but I learned to sometimes say no, and not worry about the petty things other people may or may not think, as long as I was doing my job. In any case, I hope it is just a phase, and that it gets better!