Friday, February 16, 2007

New lodger

Sledding was postponed yesterday. We usually go to the hill at the local school, which I thought was open. Instead we took the cat to the vet, and planned on sledding after school got out. Cat? Vet? You didn't know I had a cat? Oliver has been with us since Sunday. He is an orange tiger that came to me by way of my friend Robbi. He arrived at her house just as we went on vacation. I had been telling my staff how much I wanted a cat. I have lots of good memories of growing up on the farm with barn cats and copious litters. Robbi thinks someone dropped him off there because she lives on a farm. He stayed there for 2 weeks, in her barn, amongst the cows, sheep, horses and other animals. He didn't seem interested in going away, although he wanted desperately to be inside. He is friendly, very chilled out and can stand on his own against the dogs. He came named (apologies to the other Oliver in the family!), but maybe something else may be more appropriate.

Since Oliver's origins were unknown, he had testing first and then got into the big stuff. He also had an abscess on his leg from where my friend's son accidentally caught it in the carrier door the day he came here. So, kitty had that drained and cleaned, the snip-snip, ears cleaned and nails trimmed, and was given a clean bill of health. I read his paperwork as we drove home. FELINE CASTRATION was one of the line items on the invoice. Poor guy. He was woozy in the backseat, and very pissed off about having the plastic collar on to prevent him from getting at his wounds. I found it upsetting to see him so distressed. Today he seems hung over but happy. He's been purring and trying to get on my lap. He took his pill without too much trauma (for me) and is back to the normal sloth-like schedule that the other lodgers follow here.

Happy weekend!

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CBK said...

He's a cutie! Congratulations.