Monday, February 19, 2007


This is my 200th post. I was going to be clever and list 200 things I aim to accomplish, but it seemed pointless as I reminded myself that the only person keeping track of those things is me. No one is sitting at home, waiting for my life to happen.

I watched The Fallen Idol yesterday. I had a read a review about it and in my irritation at Netflix, and the very long wait status of quite a few of my films, I decided to watch some classics that were readily available. It got me thinking about Graham Greene and the films based on his writings. I watched the 2002 Quiet American a few years ago, and I liked it even though it required me to take Brendan Fraser seriously. I also put The Comedians in my Netflix queue, since it's hard to find films about Haiti. It got me thinking. Why not try to watch all of his films? My curiosity is piqued by his criticism of both other countries, and America. And I've been frustrated by my lack of movie watching lately. I'm not really watching. I'm there in the room, and the movie is going, but sometimes I knit, or write a letter and I think it's a disgrace. I'm listening, but I am not seeing. And if I can't see, well I cannot make the connections like I did yesterday when I watched the shadows in the film, and noticed the angles of the camera. I did look to see how much longer the film was going to be a couple of times (bad), but I finished the movie and realized that I have become one of those people who wants everything to hurry up.

What's caused this? The clock at work, my anal timeliness, getting out of awkward situations quickly? I'm not sure. I thought not wearing a watch would help, but now I think it's pointless. You can tell the time from where the sun is in the sky, for god's sake. So happy 200th post, thanks for reading, and bear with me as I work through my neuroses and watch a lot of old films.

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Malathionman said...

I don't even attempt to watch a movie unless the kids are gone or watching their own movie in the other room. I sit and watch it. I don't fold clothes, make the bed, or any other little chore that would distract me. I have the Blockbuster Total Access account instead of Netflix, It seems like I don't have to wait as much as I did with Netflix.