Thursday, February 15, 2007


We watched The Departed last night. I hadn't seen a Scorsese film in ages but after watching I appreciated his pauses, glances and even the violence. I think it deserves a lot of credit and really reflects what has happened in Boston with the mafia and law enforcement. I dangled on the edge in terms of my feelings towards retribution (I'm more of a forgive and forget kind of girl), and I felt sick that justice seemed to be ignored. But the movie didn't end when I thought it would.

I'm not really one for violent films, but I think there's lots of violence in various forms in life. Words, glances, and all out ignoring of someone have violent undertones. I have mentioned before that L finds release in action movies while I like a movie to have good dialogue, be very visual or have a decent plot. He likes the latter too but I think prefers the former. I heard a mental health professional say once that men respond well to action, not words. So slashing their tires says a hell of a lot more than telling them that you hate them. Movies probably work on the same level.

I'm off to go sledding on the foot of additonal snow that fell last night. Thank god for insurance.

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CBK said...

I'm jealous you get to go sledding! :-(