Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Have a heart, will you?

I was praying like a school kid for a snow day today, but no dice. I watched the morning news until the very last minute, listening to them prattle off all the closings. I then drove off to work. I had 3 people come in all morning. There were probably only about 10 visitors total in the library, from 9 until 1. We closed at 1, because the Governor decided to declare a state of emergency! Capitalists all across the state are shuddering over lost Valentine profits, since you would have to be an idiot to go out in this weather. Or, in my case, have your 100 plus employees come into work for 5 hours and then send them home as the storm worsens.

Happy Valentine's day. I got a beautiful necklace that matches a bangle my mom bought for me a few years ago. I bought Lars a t-shirt from that says this:

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Shrieky said...

Well obviously! What else did you expect from the great and wonderful Canada. WHEEE! Canada=Goooooooood