Thursday, February 08, 2007

Am I obsolete?

Many thanks to Paul for sending me this article. I hear a lot of naysayers about the future of public libraries/librarians, but I am not worried. I defend that it's a class issue. Many who can afford an ISP and bookstores don't value public libraries, but those people who cannot afford or choose to use us over commercial sources will defend us to anyone who will listen. After yesterday's revelation of the international Internet child porn ring, I seriously doubt that librarians and libraries will ever be replaced by the Internet. Isn't weird to think that a medium that supports a perversion is destined to be the source of information for all?

What will be the downfall of public librarians is the stress of dealing with psychotic people who need services and medication, and not where to go to find self-help books. Actually, the downfall of a librarian and humanity in general is taking it all too seriously. As my husband says:
For fuck's sake, it's just books.

Actually, it's not. But you get the point.

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