Friday, February 09, 2007


I had my annual review today. To celebrate my year of success in a new position, my boss took me out to lunch. As I waited for her in the foyer to go to the Japanese restaurant, L appeared. He asked me if I wanted to see "my new deck." This reminded me of the day I came home and discovered he had dismantled a closet, created a new doorway, and cut a huge square in the wall over the stairs. I let out a nervous laugh and couldn't stop that day, and it happened today too. L found a discount he could refuse at Home Dump(Depot). It was composite decking, enough for a 12 X 12 deck. This spring he will tear off a mudroom that is at the back of our house, build the desk and put up lattice work for privacy. It will be wonderful. I can envision myself drinking lemonade with my feet up back there, enjoying the lilacs.

After lunch I sat in my car with my boss, waiting for it to warm up. It's been bitterly cold here. I happened to look in my mirror and saw a car backing up. It backed up until it sounded expensive, for me. She was young, claiming she couldn't see me. I think she was driving daddy's Volkswagon. Maybe she was on her cell phone. It was unfortunate. It sullied an otherwise good day.

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