Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A question of a scrotum

I don't believe in censoring children from anatomical correctness, even in good kid's lit which uses funny words like scrotum. In fact, I think many a book has been the lifesaver for parents who can't seem to talk about issues/body parts with their kids. But this isn't a book about issues (that I can tell, I haven't read it yet). From what I can tell it's a book about pluck. But, a snake bites a dog in its scrotum and children's librarians twitter and refuse to put the book on their shelf. This book also happens to have won this year's Newbery medal. It's the highest American honor given to the author of a work of juvenile fiction. It's probably a decent book.

This is what I love and hate about America. We have the right to dissent but we are so uptight. Get a spine!

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CBK said...

Heh heh. Balzac.

Why am I repeatedly surprised at the heights of American prudishness? I guess I'm an optimist who believes it must end somewhere. Apparently not at scrotum, though.