Saturday, January 13, 2007


I arrived at work today to find a package from my aunt, who had stopped in on her way to the coast. I unwrapped it to find another lovely apron!

It looks like we are predicted to have "plowable snow" this weekend, so I may do some baking and get to wear it! Aprons are having a renaissance of sorts. Once aligned with the girdle, they are now considered fashionable, useful and not just an adornment. Like the utilitarian quilt, they are treated like works of art.


Malathionman said...

Hey that is a pretty cool media player you added. I just can't hear any music. I had that problem with music that I downloaded, it would not play on my site. I can only get music that I rip from CD to play on my site. I think there are ways to get around that, but I haven't gone to the trouble to figure it out.

Did you like The Illusionist?

Herself said...

Just click on the scale on the top right hand corner of the player to adjust the sound. I couldn't figure it out at first either.

I lovd The Illusionist. Fianlly, a happy movie.

Malathionman said...

Sweet! Very slick.