Friday, January 12, 2007

It's such a perfect day, I'd like to spend it with you

A day off. Needed and coveted. I went to Target, then traded a bag of CDs for credit at Bull Moose. This in turn bought me Band of Horses and the second season of Little Britain. L bought me a suit today, which is very nice and chic. It calls for a new pair of shoes. We did a few more things and then went to Sarah's Cafe in Wiscasset for soup. We drove up the coast, and then on home. It's been a perfect day. It didn't cost $200,000 and we managed some happiness out of it. Amazing, huh? One of my favorite acquisitions of the day was the apron with Sarah's logo on it that L bought for me. I can scratch that off my wish list now.


CBK said...

A Sarah's apron? Sweet score!

CBK said...

Oh, and yay for Band of Horses! I'll be curious to know what your favorite song on the disc is.

Herself said...

Yes, L liked that it had both the name of the restaurant and the picture of the Sarah "hag" too.

I need to listen to the CD a bit more but I so far do really like "The Funeral."