Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yesterday I came back from my Weight Watchers meeting, basking in my success and jonesing for some chocolate ice cream (of the light variety). After I struck out at our local market we decided to go to the chain store, after a quick stop to the video store. I'm an advocate of Netflix, but L likes buying his. Since discovering Little Britain we have been prone to quoting it at random times, in random places. Sometimes we do it at the same time. It's eerie. At the video store (really a crappy chain) we walked around independently, bumping into one another and saying things like "Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes" and my favorite, "Eh . .eh . .eh." A man was wandering around the store, asking people something I couldn't hear and then came up to L and looked at his choices and said, "Have you got crank?" At first I wondered if he was some addict, and then I realized that it was a movie. L said no, and the guy approached the next person. I wonder, what if we did have it? First come, first served, right? Was he going to bully the person who had the one copy the store's computer said was available? People.

I went to visit L at the fire station tonight and the TV was on. The news was reporting that Katie Holmes Cruise spent $200,000 at one go at an LA boutique in the last few days. Shop therapy? It was sickening to hear. That kind of money could infuse life into a struggling non-profit, pay off what is left of my college and other debt or even pay off our mortgage. People seem to lose touch with what is right and just and realistic in life. Stuff is just stuff. I don't think I will ever spend $200,000 on clothing, since I basically go the thrift route. What's the point?

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CBK said...

C'mon, give Katie a break! She lost all that baby weight and needs new clothes. It's not excess at all.

How disgraceful. I'm pretty shocked to hear it from her. I ddn't think she was that outrageous a celebrity shopper.