Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Sorry for the absence. Very busy week at work while my director is in NY. I had a city council meeting, a book group, am filling in for the book keeper, have a presentation at a middle school literacy event, and then a meeting Saturday morning with a teacher who needs to interview a librarian for a class she is taking for her MA.

I had a nice weekend away, visiting my sister and her family. It was tiring but good. I ate way too much, but I am 10 pounds down from where I was 5 weeks ago. I'm a quarter of a way of where I want to be but I wonder once I get there, how I can stay there. On our way to the Cape we stopped in Canton to go to the cemetery where my grandparents and great grandparents are buried. I got ua lost but luckily the Canton Public Library saved us.

I've been reading other blogs and saw a reference to this site. I had a conversation with L one night as we watched a film. His feet were so cold. I confessed to him that I used to rub Tim's feet and tell him that they were like a dead man's. I often felt guilty about that since, and I thought about it all weekend. Then I wrote this.

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