Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is a normal day at work for me:

Arrive 5 minutes late. Since I am late, I miss logging in the computers and checking in returns. Bonus.

Check work e-mails (both mine and department); check Hotmail account, plus 2 Gmail accounts. Look at blogs. Play quizzes.

Walk around department, anally straightening shelves and picking up stray books. Curse staff who don't shelf read to my ridiculous standard.

Contemplate schedule to remind self of where I need to be. Library opens.
Wait on customers, answer phone calls. Check e-mail periodically. Repeat.

Work on upcoming schedule.

Take break after 10.

Have lunch at 1.

Check perezhilton.com.

Take care of any staff issues, such at dealing with irate patrons.

Work on collection development. This mean decide what books need to be purchased, and weeded (which means gotten rid of).

Grate nerves on annoying co-worker/children/parents.

Check e-mail.

Empty bookdrop at 3.

Have another break.

Work dull existence until 5, and then go home.

These are my 8-5 days. The routine can be easily applied to my 11-8 day, with some adjustments for lunch. Of course, I am biding my time this week because I have a 3 day weekend. I am visiting my sister and her family. It's the best time of year to go to Cape Cod. No lines, no waiting.

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CBK said...

How is your sister and her family doing, BTW?

Have fun on CC. I'm taking the family this summer.