Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Love Kills

I saw a great quote today while I was playing CBK's Daily Brain Squeeze. The answer was composer Arnold Bax, and the question was who said that "You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk dancing?" That's priceless. Maybe a resolution inspiration.

I also experienced a moment of desperation today when I realized that I was like my father in yet another way. A mother and 2 children came in and in a matter of minutes every table and clear space in the picture book room was scattered with books pulled of shelves. She then took her books and children and abandoned the room to look like the aftermath of a cyclone. It's amazing how small hands move quickly and destroy much. Is it too much to ask for order in a world full of such chaos? I don't care what the woman's house looks like but for god's sake, don't make my workspace look like a case of biblio-diarrhea.

We watched Sid & Nancy last night. I bought the soundtrack on Amazon today because most of the songs were unavailable on iTunes. L asked me if London was that bad. I recalled the kid who had their trainers/sneakers stolen on my bus, which was why I never sat upstairs on the double-deckers. Then again, I never wore enviable trainers. The movie really showed a fucked up kind of life and love. My favorite scene is when Sid makes bail and goes to get a pizza. You see him with the twin towers in the background, and before his cab comes you see him dancing with 3 black kids. He's such a contrast to both their age and music.

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CBK said...

Haha, I had that same question yesterday!

Never seen Sid & Nancy, but have wanted to for a long time.