Monday, October 30, 2006

Precipitation, collection, hermits and reflection

As I drove in the rain the other day I was reminded of the people who, in December, marvel at the rain and say things like "If this rainfall was snow, we'd be in a blizzard." Approximately 10 inches of snow will melt to one inch of water. Over the weekend we had probably a couple of inches. It was hard to tell because the wind was blowing incredibly hard. On Sunday I noticed a phone line was torn off of our house and draped on some branches of our Japanese Maple and lying very low between our house and the pole across the street. I tried to do the right thing and call the phone company, but that proved difficult. By dialing 0 I got 411. Our internet was down too, but when it finally came up I was able to find the report a problem number, which was suspiciously a 555-XXXX number. I called to reach automated hell. It kept asking me to tell it my problem, and I did. Clearly I said "Our outside line is down, close to the street." The system would then repeat it as "You are hearing sounds on your line" or "You cannot dial out," to which I shouted NO. Finally I spoke to a human, and I expressed my concern of having a large truck or bus come through and completely rip the wire out. They assured me they would send someone over today. Of course school buses run early, and while one carefully drove through when noticing the low wire, another ripped right through it. Our phone still works, but I am guessing that our neighbor's cable might be toast.

I watched network TV last night and I think that will be my last time for a while. Too much interruption, too many spastic people, and frenetic situations. Netflix is much calmer.

I am mentally compiling a list of things I love in the area, which mostly fall into 2 categories: Food, and tchotchkes. I was alarmed by both since I don't want to be obsessed by food or start to collect too many things, since I cleared a path by my bed and cleaned out my closets. I have been collecting cards and stationery for a while. I also have a healthy supply of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, yarn, fabric, magazines and bags. And shoes. I usually use one handbag, but have lots of bookbags of all sizes and purposes. I suppose I am writing all this down because it's my hope to someday have a little shop. Or maybe I am saying it because I am realizing that there are lots of great places in Maine, despite my comfort of being at home a lot. I like being out and about too, but L and I are in agreement that we like to go when not many others are also out and about. Like going to Cape Cod in the winter, or Mardens during the week.

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