Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Like taking candy from a stranger

I debated how I was going to deal with Halloween alone, with 2 crazy dogs. So, the doggies are pacing upstairs and I have put the candy out in a bowl, on a chair on the front steps. I put the porch light on to say that we are Halloween friendly. Of course, sadistic and sarcastic me has to share this: I just had a knock on the door, which made me believe that some selfish person took all my candy. So I got up and went out to find a little boy dressed in camo, complete with face paint. I said to Le Petit Iraqi Freedom, "Is all the candy gone?" I looked out and he had somehow missed the bowl completely. Does this not say something about current events? On second thought, it might say something about the intellectual capacity of this town. I've had another knock at the door.

I have resolved to send some leftover candy to some of my British readers, since it's impossible to get chocolate and peanut butter candy combinations there. Or am I behind the times? This was the candy I pined for while living in London:

Happy Halloween!

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CBK said...

That's funny: he U.S. soldier couldn't find the Weapons of Mass Tooth Destruction. But at least he was in the right place to find them, unlike Bush's adventures in Iraq.