Saturday, October 28, 2006

Golden Winds

I don't have access to network or cable TV, so imagine my surprise as I drove to Belfast in near gale force winds today. The car in front of me rhythmically tapped their brakes for miles and finally I found a straightaway and passed them. I met a friend for breakfast at Chase's Daily and we poked around a few shops. It was a day made more for bundling up and sipping tea while trying to read a book group book, rather than a day for being out an about.

I tried joining a book group I saw that was being organized on, but finding a day that worked for me proved impossible. The group is based in Portland, but to drive there once a month didn't seem like a daunting thing. I probably go there once a month anyway. I keep craving the company of peers, but the people I know seem too busy. Maybe I'll make my own post and see who responds. I mentioned this is an earlier post, about putting a sign up. My first suggested book would be J.R. Moehringer's The Tender Bar.

Tomorrow at church there will be a Day of the Dead celebration. I remember how touched I was to see the exhibit at the Peabody Museum at Harvard. So many colors, with the skeletons looking more playful than macabre. I like the idea of altars, since we create them when we put up pictures of loved ones on our walls, or even tack stuff to our fridges.

According to legend, marigold blossoms play a prominent part in the events of Dia de los Muertos, since the spirits of loved ones are drawn to their scent. Another little know fact is that marigolds were once used to color butter.

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