Friday, November 03, 2006


The full moon is pending. I know because I dealt with a few unpleasant people today. My hard work paid off, though. I went to a gallery opening after work, which brought me back to old times. The exhibit is called Decent Exposures: an art exhibition on the subject of the human figure. I then came home to see L's car in the driveway. He's sick, and came home early from a 24 hour shift. So I called Garden Express and we shared a B5, plus egg rolls for L and crab rangoon for me. It's a comfortable night at the hermitage. I'm upstairs on the comfy couch, wrapped in a quilt and balancing knitting and Monk, and the laptop on my lap.

We received our first bit of snow today, that left as quickly as it came. I finished a hat last night that came out a bit lumpy but, hell, at least I finished it. I am designating the hat for my first snowperson, and what a lucky snowperson it will be. The yarn was alpaca. It's like a cross between a sheep and an uppity llama. The yarn was very soft, as well as expensive. Oh well.

I've been very fixated on a used car lot that I pass daily on my way to work. They sell former police cars. I'd love to take a spin in a refurbed police car. What power! What stories it could tell.

I'm enjoying my cup of Constant Comment and the thought that by the time I get back to work, the full moon will have passed. Mzatanos is the Abenaki name for the November moon. It means freezing river maker moon. The Abenaki is a Maine tribe and along with the Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Mi'kmaq, and Penobscot Indians, they made up the old Wabanaki Confederacy. There now exists a law called LD 291, A Law to Teach About Maine's Native Americans. I wish this existed when I took Maine history in 7th grade. I may have actually learned something.

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