Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kissing the Lipless

L took this picture on our way back from VT. We are somewhere in NH, coming up quickly on the ME border. I had been sticking my tongue out but with the magic of Photoshop CS2, the tongue was presto gone-o and a lip was drawn on.

I read a fantastic article today by Stacy Schiff called "Desperately Seeking Susan," which was an op-ed piece from the 10/13/06 edition of the New York Times. It's an interesting observation of Susan B. Anthony and her views on abortion. Schiff asserts that many of the suffragists were anti-abortion, which doesn't shock me since medicine at that time was not sophisticated and abortion could be life threatening. The group Feminists for Life have purchased Anthony's former home, but Schiff is unsure that the organization is just in exploiting Anthony's 19th century views in the 21st century. Exploitation is a method that many organizations use. I understood this clearly this year, when so many kids were selling wrapping paper, popcorn and magazines. I bought one of each but there were others whom I could have bought from, but did not get the chance to. I felt guilty but I am trying to consume less.

I learned this Danish phrase today: Jeg elsker dig. Can you guess what it is?

Ani DiFranco is a mere 2 weeks away. I will be happy to be back in Boston and hearing Ani live again. The last time I saw her my wardrobe consisted of hiking boots, jeans and flannel shirts. I am glad to see that I have learned that comfort and style are not conflicting modes of fashion. My how I have grown.



Shannon Forbush said...

It's very close to the one Swedish phrase I still remember - is it 'I love you'?

I made pink sugar cookies for Breast Cancer Awareness day at work. But I didn't have any pink to wear so I got a girl at work to paint my thumbnail bright pink. And I got the guy who sits opposite me to do it as well. All this reminded me of you, so I came over for a visit. I'll email more this weekend.

And Ani DiFranco! I'm dead jealous of that. I wish I could go too - we could have a night on the town.

Herself said...

Yes, you are right! It looks like "I dig you!"

I miss you.