Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Backwards and forwards: Byaaah!

Back again after a sojourn to VT and a library conference. We encountered snow in Northern NH and then into VT. The ride reminded me of a trip I took to Lyme, NH about 3 years ago, to look at a Danish furnace. We crossed into VT from Lyme, and it was there I fantasized about running away to this place, and starting a new life. My fantasy was short-lived, but a real comfort. Could I really pull off such a thing? What would my family say? It was straight out of an Anne Tyler novel, a dream forgotten.

The dogs remained behind during the trip, watched by my brother. We stayed with a high school friend and her family. It was a nice visit, although lately when I think of high school I imagine people as they were then, and not as adults now. We are all wearing jeans and Tretorns (or Chuck E. Taylors) and being big mouths. In actuality, we are seeing classmates die and worrying about health insurance or overdrawn checking accounts, and whether or not we are able to have kids. Still, L and I slept like logs and enjoyed the vibe and feel of Burlington. My friend has 2 beautiful children and seems happy. I like the politics of VT. It was on a street in Burlington we saw this bumper sticker:

Howard Dean was robbed! I bought the lost episodes of the Dave Chappelle Show, which included his Dean impersonation. Chappelle was brilliant.

We came home to find my lemon tree blooming. I love autumn, and tending the gardens to prepare for winter. I am even happier to find that so much can flourish inside during the next few months. The air is crisper and it is darker outside in the morning, but life continues.


CBK said...

Who's the friend? Jana?

Herself said...

No, another high school friend I don't think you ever met.