Monday, October 16, 2006

In a pickle

Tallulah Bankhead said (according to the daily Wild Words From Wild Women calendar my brother gave me for Christmas last year) "It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have time." Well if the bad girls do keep track, we'll have something riveting to read. Sadly I'm not that much of a bad girl, and that wasn't a statement to segue into something dishy and interesting. Well, maybe interesting. Or, interesting to me.

Today I marveled at an item for sale on the counter at the video store. Behold, the single serve pickle:

Who randomly buys pickles when renting videos? What inspires them to do so? It reminded me of the day I was at an ice cream shop in Brookline, MA and went to buy a gumball after finishing my cone. A man came up to me and said that he rented the machine to the shop and always wondered who it was that bought gumballs after having ice cream. It sounded like a come on but apparently it was true. It's sounds like a great story for This American Life. Rent a gumball machine and stake out near it, keeping a record of who buys them, and occasionally asking your gumball patron a few questions.

I do own a gumball machine. I like white gumballs especially, although I am unsure why.

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Secondhand Smoke said...

Well atleast it's not buying a jar of pickels at the movie rental place.