Friday, August 11, 2006

Can you hear it?

Play very close attention when you listen to Smokey Robinson, or Marvin Gaye. I never did before, but I do now since watching Standing in the Shadows of Motown. I've always had an aversion to Diana Ross, possibly because I hate the idea of a diva or the high maintenance type, and I felt like the Supremes were really diminished compared to the big black hair and taffeta of DR. They were more like the Suppressed than the Supremes. If that is the case, the Funk Brothers could have been called the Amoebas for the amount of credit they received, as well as attention. The Funk Brothers were the musicians behind many if not all the hits of Motown. They are fantastic, and many are still playing. Some have passed, long before they received due recognition after the film came out.

I wonder sometimes why things are often so delayed. Why does it take so much time to realize that things are good?

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