Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I brought home Richard Russo's Empire Falls to try to read, although I am immediately turned off by its size and subject matter. It's about a dying Maine mill town, Maine families and I suppose what a community does to survive during economic hardship. I am a native Mainer although my parents are from Massachusetts. I don't know what kind of connection I can make to the book, since I grew up in a farming community to parents who made me watch MacNeil/Lehrer (I had alternating crushes on them) at dinner and be a good protestant and attend Sunday school. I was aces at memorization. I whizzed through the 23rd Psalm. Too bad I didn't retain any meaning. My father called the Episcopal church "ecclesiastical bullshit" this weekend, which is not very Christian-like. Getting back to the book, the reason why I am trying to read it is for the library's community reading project. One month a year we try to get as many people as possible to read a single title, and the libraries of the community sponsor book discussions and programs around the book to encourage conversation and community cohesiveness. I am rooting for Mountains Beyond Mountains, but I would do. I am more of a non-fiction girl. We are in the stages of title selection right now. This is tedious but I am making an effort to read other stuff.

I thumbed through some magazines at lunch today. First it was People, then the New York Times Magazine, then the Nation. I didn't glean much, except that Mel Gibson seems to be a ultra-Catholic maniac and the world is really screwed up. Glamour came in the mail for me today. That's my evening sorted.

What does this picture and Glamour have in common?


Paul Saxton said...

That's a picture of George's mother who is lying in hospital after catching her son masturbating over one of her 'glamour' magazines.

"Glamour?" asked Jerry, with a grin.

CBK said...

George zipped up instead of catching her before she fell.

Herself said...

Obviously Seinfeld fans! I loved that episode. I often think of it when my issue comes.