Sunday, August 13, 2006


Last fall I received 2 phone messages from a local vet's office, first calling to see how Spike was doing, and then asking for payment for Spike's treatment. We joked that maybe Spike was a dog that Merlin got in trouble, and quickly got her off to the clinic to avoid any more frankenprogeny. Merlin is already a proud father with an Australian Shepherd. I called the office back to say that they had the wrong number.

Thursday night we got a very long message on our machine from a woman calling to see how Spike was. She went into great detail how she had our (Spike's owners) wrong number before, but was glad to have the correct one now. She mentioned how Mary had offered to pay for Spike's surgery, and lamented that she wished we had taken her up on it. I erased the message, and then the second message was the woman again, who said she mumbled the first message and wanted to give her number again clearer. I erased that too, although I wish I hadn't. I would have liked to call and say hey, there's no Spike here. It makes me wonder if someone transposed the numbers, or just gave a false number to avoid the consequence. I feel like I've been invited into Spike's life and I'd like to know a bit more.

We went to 3 Tides last night with some friends. It was nice to be out and about. L and I had a nice morning together too. I am so happy to spend what time I can with him, when he isn't working. I feel like it's Christmas on those days. I have been cloistered for a while, but I am finding my footing again.

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